• Favorite style: IPA
  • Favorite beer of all time: The last one
  • Favorite beer of the moment: The one in his hand

Greg came into this world with a full beard and a fistful of barley. He was brewing beer before he could walk and his first word was saison. He enjoys beer, making beer, bathing in beer. He's been known to stick his entire nose into a beer glass. Sometimes referred to as the lesser known Desert Yetti, Greg's the the dude that makes the beer at the B.R.I. 

  • Favorite style: Belgians with Brett
  • Favorite beer of all time: Pliny
  • Favorite beer of the moment: 480G IPA

The Beer Research Institute was formed over several beers, over several years. Home brewers and long time friends Matt Trethewey and Greg Sorrels have been conducting Beer Research one pint at a time for the last decade. After successfully home brewing for several years, they decided to bring their craft to the public with the B.R.I.. They are both heavily influenced by some of the top breweries in the industry that focus on Belgian Styles and West Coast American Styles. The B.R.I. is a local gathering place where people can share a pint, engage in conversation and enjoy scratch made food. We take the same pride in our kitchen as we do in our brew house. Our menu focuses on the flavor profiles of Southern BBQ and the spicy side of the South West, which both pair amazingly with our beer. If you've seen it in a commercial, we don't have it! Welcome to a Brew Pub!

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Matt has been an avid home brewer since 2005 and a restaurant owner and professional since 1999. Combining his two passions and forming the B.R.I. was only a matter of time. He enjoys beer, travel, home brewing, camping, live music and spending time with his wife, Jenna and their brew dogs: Nugget, and Ziggy.