Our Story Begins With Craft Beer

​The Beer Research Institute

“No one takes friends or family from out of town to a Red Lobster" - Matt Trethewey

Like many of the great stories of American entrepreneurs, our story begins in a garage! The first batch of beer was made in the spring of 2003. It wasn't great, but we drank it and it sparked a passion that eventually morphed into The B.R.I. 

More than anything else, The B.R.I. is a gathering place for Craft Beer drinkers in and around Mesa, Arizona. It's Independent and Local. It's the third place, not home or work, but the place you want to be with your family, your friends and a pint of your favorite beer!

The Brew pub hold's a special place in our heart. It's the town hall. It's church to some. It's where the revolution began! For hundreds of years, people have went to their local taverns, pubs or breweries and now our brewery and restaurant is part of that Craft Beer history in Mesa.